Do you want to try a natural way to treat cancer?

Do you want to try a natural way to treat cancer?

How much do you know about cancer treatments in Mexico? You may not know it yet, but Mexico is one of the great pioneers in cancer treatments. It not only offers very effective treatments within conventional medicine, but also offers treatments within the branch of alternative medicine. In addition, the cost of treatments, it is usually cheaper than in countries such as the US or the UK. Each treatment is recommended depending of the whole patient’s needs, which makes it more effective and comfortable for the patient.

What are the most common cancer treatments?

The most commonly used treatments in conventional medicine, are chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and medications that may help control or eliminate the cancer and also in much cases surgery is often used as part of treatment. But there are other ways to treat this terrible disease. In the field of holistic medicine, the human being is considered as an unit, not as a sick organ, but a person that has cancer and in much cases, other health diseases and damages in his mood. In this approach, every person is different and has specific need for his treatment. One of the first thing we do, is to promote a radical change in nutrition. The organic nutrition is essential to begin treatment, focused on feeding the healthy cells but not cancer cells. To achieve this, the diet is usually vegetarian, complemented with vitamin, amino acids, enzymes, antioxidants and other supplements. Other of the cutting edge treatments, is the Alpha 2010 Spa system, that helps relax the whole body, providing at same time, leat therapy, lymphatic massage and detoxification, all this combines with meditation techniques that can make you be relax and calm during the other treatments.

Another important item in treatment, is heart and blood health. Blood transport oxygen and nutrients to all cells in body; if blood transit fails, cells and organs may be compromised in its functions. To improve the cardiovascular health, we use a process called chelation, method used to clean cholesterol plaques and heavy metals from the arteries and blood. With the extracorporeal photopheresis, a portion of blood is taken off the body, the light is used to separate some of its component and reinserted again in patient. This may work as a “smart bomb” or a vaccine, attacking malignant cells. Also there are other kind of auxiliary therapies and treatments such as hormonal replacement, autoimmune disease disorder treatment, hyperbaric chamber, hyperthermia, B17 vitamin therapy and stem cells treatment. These treatments and therapies can help slow down or stop cancer advancement or relieve symptoms, because they change the whole body conditions. The advantage of these treatments, is that they are more safe and less aggressive for the person and the general health, don’t cause hair loss, have less secondary effects and in most cases, are less expensive than the conventional treatments.

You can have the best natural cancer treatment in Mexico by scheduling a consultation with a qualified specialist at Integrative Whole Health Clinic. They can help you find the best options for cancer treatment to improve your health and your quality of life.