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Whole health combative techniques are used to optimize health and vitality, as a preemptive strike against disease and correcting chronic conditions plaguing the organs (such as heart, liver, kidneys, etc.), as well as the nervous, circulatory, digestive, and respiratory systems. IWHC uses a “whole health” non-invasive approach that not only drastically improves biological function, but also has no harmful side-effects. If this were not enough to convince the general population of the benefits of IWHC’s services, the average cost of our entire treatment plans are often less than the yearly maximum co-payment contribution in an insurance policy. IWHC offers rates which are surprisingly affordable compared to American preventative health maintenance charges. Dr. Henriquez also provides advanced treatments for problems related to both Cardio Wellness and venous insufficiency such as Sclerotherapy as well as Rejuvenation and Anti-aging Therapies. Though each condition is unique and caused by a different set of causes and/or effects, our bodies are the same in that we need a specific environment internally to be at our optimum state of health to fight disease and minimize the influences of genetic anomalies. Besides the obvious benefits of this whole health medical program, Dr. Jose Henriquez offers Integrative treatments combining the best of both medical worlds to fight diseases such as cancer, degenerative and autoimmune disorders. If you plan on bringing your cell phone, please remember to make sure your current mobile plan allows international calls before you arrive in Mexico.